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    A.M. Kindergarten 7:55 a.m.-10:40 a.m.
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Character Traits of the Month

  • FEBRUARY  --  Honesty
    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."  --  Thomas Jefferson
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School Notes

  • Breakfast at Park  -  7:35 to 7:50 am


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom. Breakfast is served at Park everyday from 7:35-7:50 am. Cost is $1.60/full pay; $0.30/reduced pay; and free/free pay. You can review the Breakfast menu on line at: http://www.worthington.k12.oh.us/Page/2792

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  • Food Drive Student Council & Family Mentor Foundation FOOD DRIVE

    February 1st through 11th

    Have you ever wondered about the children who get their best meals in the school cafeteria? What happens when they’re not in school?

    Family Mentor Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is working to solve this problem. Each Friday during the school year, Family Mentor Foundation’s goal is to get a disposable bag filled with nutritious food into the hands of local children who qualify for the school’s free or reduced lunch program. These are called Buddy Bags. Each Buddy Bag is filled with kid-friendly, non-perishable, and individual sized foods. These are easy-to-prepare meals and snacks that will help sustain the children when schools aren’t able to help on the weekend.

    For the weeks of February 1st through 11th (no school on the 12th), Worthington Park will be holding a food drive to help the Family Mentor Foundation fill their Buddy Bags. The following is a list of the foods that we’ll be collecting:  Jars of peanut butter; Microwavable meals (Easy Mac cups, Spaghettios, Ravioli, Soup); Fruit/Applesauce cups; Vegetable cups or cans; Granola/snack bars; and Oatmeal packets.  *Smaller sizes are better since children will be carrying the food home in their backpacks for the weekend.

    Student council representatives will be helping to count the food that each class collects. We will make announcements throughout the food drive to let everyone know which classes are in the lead. The class with the most food collected will earn a class party! Thanks so much for your help with this worthy cause!

    For more information on the Family Mentor Foundation check out their website @ familymentorfoundation.org.

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  • State

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  • PTA SHARK SKATE PARTY - Friday, February 26, 5-7 pmSkates

    Mark your calendars for the upcoming PTA Shark Skate Party on Friday, February 26, 5-7 pm at Skate Zone 71. Admission is $2; Skate Rental is $3; and Roller Blades rental is $4.

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  • Science Saturday, February 27th at 8:00 am

    Thomas Worthington High School (TWHS)

            Worthington Schools will host the 3rd District-wide Science Day for students in Grades K-12. Science Day will have three events: Science Fair, Invention Convention and a Design Challenge. To Register, go to: www.worthington.k12.oh.us/ScienceDay.

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    We have exciting news for our school!! The PTA has approved a Tower Garden for our Cafeteria! The school community will be able to grow fresh greens and herbs of all kinds as a community project to benefit all. This year, we will start with already sprouted seedlings. In the future, we will start seeds in charcoal trays and then transplant to our Tower. The Tower will also be on wheels with grow lights so it ccan be rolled to a classroom for teaching or observation. We are just in our beginning phase so please share any ideas you have! I would love to see this project GROW!                  --Mrs. Kristy Shannon, 5th Grade

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              Worthington Park Elementary School 3rd grade teacher Megan Smith was honored as the Sunny 95 Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Smith has been teaching in the district for 10 years. Here is how Mrs. Smith was described by her principal:

              "Mrs. Megan Smith, can 'do it all.' In fact in certain circles she is known as 'the child Megan whisperer' because of her kind, positive, and gentle manner. She is able to skillfully redirect a child having a difficult day in order to bring about a positive resolution for the student, staff, and family. Mrs. Smith believes that it is essential to keep a clear purpose in front of her at all times so her lucky students are treated to life and lesson goals regularly. As a wife and the mother of two young children, she is dedicated to the School Leadership Team, volunteers for all school projects and events, and she engages her students in top notch learning opportunities. At the heart of Mrs. Smith's work is her love for her students, families, and the teaching profession."

              Mrs. Smith was presented with a plaque and her class was given a Donato's pizza party for the award - which is sponsored by Sunny 95, Telhio Credit Union and Donato's.
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  • Let's Talk Tuesday! Videos

    Don't forget to check out the Let's Talk Tuesday! videos located under the Counseling tab on our webpage!!

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  • Care After School Logo        
           CAS provides safe, enjoyable, and affordable experiences for children in grades K-6. 

         CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and register

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  • Music Note Image      Get the latest Music News at the
           Worthington Park Music Blog

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