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  • Transition to Kindergarten Meeting for Students on an IEP
    On January 15, 2015, Sutter Park will be holding a meeting for parents and guardians of preschool students with an IEP who are eligible or required to transition to kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year.   A panel of principals and psychologists will be discussing the transition process for kindergarten-aged children with an IEP.  Topics include:  Half-Day and Full-Day Kindergarten, Re-evaluation (if necessary), Assessments, Timelines, Definition of Commonly Used Transition Terms, Disability Condition Overview, New Rules Regarding the Preschool Transition Process and Placement Options within the Worthington City School District.  The meeting will be held from 6:30-7:45 pm in the Sutter Park Library. 
    If you will be attending, please return the RSVP at the bottom of the flyer which is being sent home in the backpack or can be accessed under "Quick Links" to the left of this page.  Sutter Park PTA has made arrangements with staff volunteers to provide childcare for Sutter Park students and their siblings (toddler and up) during the meeting.  Pre-Registration is required for childcare and the registration form is at the bottom of the RSVP.
    Note:  A child is eligible for kindergarten if they will be five years of age by September 30, 2015.  A child is required to go to kindergarten if they will be six years of age by September 30, 2015.
    If the meeting is cancelled due to the weather, it will be held Wednesday, January 21, 2015, (same time and location).
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  • Preschool 2015-2016
    Are you interested in having your child attend the Worthington Early Childhood Center program for children ages 3 through 5 for the 2015-2016 school year?  Please call the office at 450-4900 to place your child on our list and to obtain additional information regarding our program.  All children attending our program must be approved before online enrollment which is done during the summer.
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  • Kindergarten Information for Parents of Preschoolers Attending Sutter Park
    Already Enrolled in the Worthington School District
    Sutter Park preschoolers are already enrolled in the Worthington School District.  Another online registration is not necessary when registering for Kindergarten, nor are birth certificates or proofs of residency required.
    Parents must contact their HOME SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SECRETARY with their intentions to transition their child to Kindergarten.  If you do not know what your "home school" is, please contact Sutter Park's secretary, Nancy Kirchhofer, at 450-4900.
    If parents want All-Day Kindergarten, they must complete the All-Day Kindergarten application and submit it to their HOME SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SECRETARY or to JENNY DAWES at the WEC by Thursday, March 5, 2015.  No exceptions.  Please look under Quick Links for the All-Day Kindergarten application, Timeline and FAQs.
    If a child has an IEP or is in the process of being assessed,  they will not automatically be placed in an All-Day Kindergarten class. 
    District website regarding Kindergarten:  http//
    Worthington Elementary Schools

    Bluffsview - 450-5100
     Slate Hill - 450-5000

    Brookside - 450-5300
     Wilson Hill - 450-4800    
    Colonial Hills - 450-5400
     Worth. Estates - 450-4600

    Evening Street - 450-4400
     Worth. Hills - 450-4700
    Granby - 450-4500 Worth. Park - 450-5500 
    Liberty - 450-5200   

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  • Welcome to Sutter Park, the Early Childhood Program for Worthington City Schools!
    Sutter Park is the home to Worthington City Schools' Early Childhood Program for children with special needs and typically developing children.  If you would like more information about our Early Childhood Program, please go to the tab labeled "Our School."

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  • New Safety and Security Changes
    Please take a moment to read the District's new Safety and Security changes under "Quick Links" to the left as it pertains specifically to Sutter Park's starting and ending times.
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