Dear Bluffsview Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our 2014-2015 school year.  Spring is such a wonderful time, but it is also a time when we all tend to slip a bit with our regular routines.  Outside activities and longer evenings make it difficult to get to bed early.  We appreciate your continuing efforts in ensuring that our students remain focused and committed to their daily school work.  We still have much to accomplish in this school year!

April and May are busy “behind the scenes” months at Bluffsview.  As a staff, we will begin preparing for the next school year.  An important part of this preparation is found in the process of student placement and classroom groupings.  Class lists will be developed by balancing the academic, social, emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses of all students at each grade level.  The grouping of each class will be thoughtfully considered.  Our goal is to build classes that will promote the maximum growth in each child both academically and socially.  I will be working with current classroom teachers, related arts teachers and support staff to develop class lists.  If there is information about your child that you feel is important for us to know and will help us with this process, please share this with your child’s teacher.  Should additional information need sharing, there is a form in the office that can be completed and returned to me. This form should be turned into the office no later than May 1, 2015

This year, as every year, the warm weather will bring out new fashions for our children, some that are appropriate for the learning environment at Bluffsview and some that are not so appropriate.  Please, help us through your careful guidance as we continue to maintain a strong focus on learning through the remainder of the school year.  If your child questions the appropriateness of an article of clothing, please refer them to the dress code located in the Parent-Student Handbook.  As I often shared with my own children when they were growing up, if you have to question it, it probably isn’t a good choice!

We appreciate the active role you take daily in supporting your children and Bluffsview Elementary.


Cindy Fox