Northern Boundaries
Delaware County Line west of High Street to 2382/2387 Worthingwoods Blvd.
Lazelle Road east of High Street to I-71

Eastern Boundaries
I-71 (North of I-270).
1603 Schrock Road (South of I-270 & East of I-71)
Doubletree Ave. (South of Schrock Rd. & West of I-71)
800 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. (West of I-71)
Conrail R.R. Tracks (South of E. Dublin-Granville Rd.)

Southern Boundaries
6568 Karl Rd., 6598 Devonhill Dr., 6602 Ambleside Dr.(South of I-270, East of I-71)
6452 Busch Blvd. (South of Schrock Rd., West of I-71)
5490 Indianola Ave., 5548 Forest Ave., 5547 Andover St., 5549 Foster Ave., 5567 Morning St. (South of E. Dublin-Granville Rd., West of Conrail R.R. Tracks, East of High Street)
5483 High Street (West of High Street, East of Rt. 315)
5971 River Rd., 5771 Linworth Rd.(West of Rt. 315, East of C&O R.R. Tracks)
3369/3138 W. Dublin-Granville Rd., including Fiesta Dr. & Nicholas Dr. (West of C&O R.R. Tracks)

Western Boundaries
 2382/2387 Worthingwoods Blvd., 2396 Hartsdale Dr. (North of Summit View Blvd., West of Smokey Row Rd.)
2418 Summit View Dr. (West of Smokey Row Rd.)
2147 Smokeymill Rd., 7998 Simfield, 2215 Severhill Dr., 2129/2222 Olde Sawmill Blvd. (South of Summit View Blvd., West of Smokey Row Rd.)
7530-7844 Seddon Dr. east side only, 2250/2255 Sutter Parkway (South of Sawmill Blvd., West of Smokey Row Rd.)
2282/2241 Hard Rd., 2201 Surreygate Dr., 2204 Sawbury Blvd., 2211 Billingsley Blvd., (North of I-270, West of Smokey Row Rd.)
2189 Heatherfield Ave., 3087 Snouffer Rd. (South of I-270, West of Smokey Row Rd.)
2124 Thistlewood Dr., 6947/6940 Lakebrook Blvd., 3138 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. (South of Snouffer Rd., West of McVey Blvd. & Mewrwin Rd.)