Photo of Dr. Tucker
June 2014 

Its time to celebrate another great year for our Worthington Schools.

From achieving the district's highest ever performance index score of 104.1 on the State Report Card, to the Worthington Science Day Design Challenge to the excitement of having two high school students publish results of an environmental science study in a science journal, the efforts and accomplishments of our students continue to amaze us every year.  

During this past year, as in other years, our students have enjoyed numerous non-academic successes as well.  Our athletic teams, music performances, stage/drama events and other clubs and activities are venues where we observe our kids going beyond the classroom to expand their experiences and enhance their school life in valuable ways.  It is always a joy to see our students represent the Worthington Community in these settings.

One truly remarkable aspect of our district is the diversity of our student body.  Our technology department recently used student data to create a map of the world that shows the native countries of our students.   While I already found it impressive that almost 600 Worthington students use English as a secondary language and are conversant in one or more other languages, when I saw the map I was astounded.  Residents and students in our school district truly make up a Global Worthington with representation from every continent.  Our kids have the opportunity to experience aspects of diverse culture with their peers while never leaving central Ohio.   Remarkable, indeed!

But we know that for our district to thrive we must also look at areas where we need to innovate and progress.  Although Worthington has one of the lowest remediation rates in Central Ohio, there is always room for improvement. We have pledged to reduce the need for our high school students to take college remedial classes by holding our students to high standards and providing them with a rigorous curriculum to be sure they are well prepared for college, careers and life.

Another responsibility that we take very seriously is to be sure that our school culture and climate is positive and gives children a feeling of safety and security.  We know that kids can't achieve their potential if there are negative distractions in the school day atmosphere.  We are working hard to be sure that concerns about these matters are proactively addressed.   

Looking to the Future

An important part of our year-end work is to look ahead and plan for the coming years.  While our students and families are enjoying some time away from studying and classrooms, Worthington Schools began preparing for the 2014-15 school year many months ago and will continue this work over the summer.

At a recent board meeting this April, our staff presented to the board of education our second phase of High School Course revision as part of a three year update of our Middle and High School Graded Course of Study in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 

Over the past three years, over 70 Worthington teachers, curriculum leaders and administrators at the secondary level came together to write a local curriculum. While it is based on the new state standards, you can be sure it is above and beyond those standards in providing numerous new opportunities for kids. 

Yes the year may have flown by but learning is an experience that does not really begin or end. With great staff, amazing students and a wonderful supportive community, we believe that the positive feeling about Worthington Schools does not depend on whether the calendar says June or January.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Thomas Tucker, Ph.D
2013-2014 district goals