Photo of Dr. Tucker

January 2014 

What a great year it’s been for Worthington Schools. As 2013 comes to a close and as we are headed to the mid point for the school year, I would like to share with our residents some of the highlights. 

First, we are pleased to report that our students are continuing to succeed.  This is evident in our latest test scores on the state report card.  In fact, Worthington Schools received its highest ever performance index score of 104.9. That means more of our students are achieving at higher levels. Worthington was also the only school district in Central Ohio to received all “A”s for value added growth.  All students, our gifted students, our students with disabilities, and our student’s in the lowest 20% of achievement, exceeded their projected growth. 

While we are proud to celebrate this success, we do also recognize there are areas in need of improvement. Our administrators and teaches are busy implementing specific plans to raise achievement in those areas.

 While standardized tests are an important part of measuring student achievement and help keep us accountable, at the same time, we also like to think we are more than just tests. There are many innovative things happening in our schools – kindergarten through 12th grade – that impact student achievement and focus on the needs of the whole child.  For example, our middle and high school students have access to special STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs through Project Lead the Way that will prepare students for 21st century careers.


 Our elementary students have access to wellness and fitness programs that we know have a positive impact on how our kids do in the classroom. All students also can count on support for tough issues such as bullying as our school buildings implement anti-bullying programs so that students get the help they need. 

We are focused on improving and maintaining a positive culture and climate in our schools and have asked parents, staff and students what we can do to make it better.   We’ve analyzed the feedback and are working on implementing strategies and programs that will help us create a positive educational experience for our students. We want to ensure that when they leave Worthington Schools, our young people are ready for careers, college and life.

 We have a lot to celebrate in our Worthington schools and community. Not only are we succeeding academically, we are also focused on proactively addressing challenges and needs as they continue to arise. In the end, all of our success is made possible by the collective support of our community and the hard work of our staff and students. Together we can all look forward to a strong future. 

Thomas Tucker, Ph.D
2013-2014 district goals