Leadership Worthington

The mission of Leadership Worthington is to enhance the understanding of leadership qualities and to develop individual and group leadership potential in order to create a better Worthington-area community. This mission is accomplished through the following:

Leadership Tomorrow

This is a youth program of Leadership Worthington designed for students in grades 9 (second semester), 10, 11 and 12 and who live in the Worthington School District. The mission of Leadership Tomorrow is to identify existing and emerging teen leaders and develop their potential for school and civic responsibility, enhance their understanding of leadership issues, and motivate them to work toward resolving these issues for the betterment of the Worthington area community. Read more about leadership tomorrow.

Leadership Plus
Leadership PLUS is a program of action combining character education, leadership development and service education. The primary purpose of the program is to help young people in the Worthington Community to strive to become persons of character with a strong set of core values. While participating in Leadership PLUS students are encouraged to be leaders and mentors in their own spheres of influence. The program seeks to communicate to participants that the actions of individuals, through service activities, can start something and make a big difference. Read more about Leadership Plus.

Leadership Worthington Adult Class

Core Competencies for this program include: Leadership Skills (communications, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, etc.), Parenting Leaders, Professional Development, Self-understanding, Community Strength through Collaboration. Three tracks are available: Municipal, Business and Parental.  Download the application and learn more about the Adult Class.