Preschool enrollment requires prior approval.  Please call the Worthington preschool office at 614.450.4900 for information and further instructions.


Kindergarten students must be five by September 30 to enroll.  Please contact the Worthington Registration and Family Center at 614.450.6112 for additional information. If your child is not five until after September 30, please contact Gifted Serivces at 614.450.6056 to get information about our Acceleration Policy for Early Entrance to Kindergarten.


Register online. Follow the directions below:


1) A. Existing Families:


·         Log into W-Cloud with your username/password. (If these are unknown, click Parent Account Recovery OR email a request to, including parent name and child’s name(s).

·         Click My Account

·         Click Emergency Data Review

·         You will be able to review your household data and add a new student to your household.


     B.   Families new to the District:


·         Basic information needed is parent(s) name, address, emails, cell phone numbers, birthdate of parent(s), birthdate of student(s),    medical information, emergency contact, etc.

·         Tips for successfully registering students online: Use Firefox browser if possible; be sure block pop-ups is off. This can be found under Tools and may prevent internet issues.


·         You may begin the registration process here.



2) Call 614.450.6112 and make an appointment to enroll your student(s).


3) The following documents must be brought to the Worthington Registration and Family Center at 200 E. Wilson Bridge Rd. at the time of your appointment:

__ Original or certified copy of student(s) birth certificate or passport.

__ Parent/Guardian valid driver's license, passport or state photo.

__ Proofs of Residency: 3 recent, bona fide proofs of residency with resident’s name and address. These may consist of any of the following: mortgage statement, signed lease, rental contract, property tax bill, paycheck stub, insurance statement, utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement.

__ Proof of Custody, if applicable: If divorce or dissolution is involved, a copy of the entire document is needed.

__ Immunization records (or official exemption due to religion, etc.)
__ Current IEP/MFE/ and/or 504 (if applicable).