After School Programs

Spring Registration is now OPEN!

  • Worthington Schools offers a number of after school courses for elementary students.

     To increase access to programs we are unable to offer in every school, the following programs are offered at later times:

    • Archery Games & Archery League (Bluffsview)
    • Chinese Club (Granby)
    • Golf Squad (Granby, Worthington Park)
    • Taekwondo/Karate (Wilson Hill)
    • Intro to Fencing & Intermediate Fencing (Worthington Estates)


    Need Financial Assistance?

    A limited number of need-based scholarships are available for After School Programs.  After registration opens and you know what course your child would like to take, please click HERE to indicate interest and to enter contact information so we can get in touch with further details. (We are no longer accepting applications for scholarships.)

  • After School Classes

After School Program Logos


    • BEGINNING DATES FOR SPRING TERM AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES: Unless otherwise noted, most classes begin the week of April 1, 2019. No classes will be held if school is not in session or if students are dismissed early.  
    • ENROLLMENT POLICY: Registration is not complete until payment is received. In the event that the enrollment limit for a class is reached, students whose fees are paid will be given priority over students from whom fees are still due.
    • NO CONFIRMATION WILL BE GIVEN for your child’s enrollment. Plan to attend the first class unless we have notified you that a class has been cancelled.
    • PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR NOTIFYING THE CLASSROOM TEACHER, SCHOOL and, if applicable, CARE AFTER SCHOOL, IN WRITING , that their child is participating in an After School Program class, including the class name, time, and dates.
    • PARENTS OF CHILDREN NOT ENROLLED IN CARE AFTER MUST plan to pick up their children no later than 5 minutes following the end of the class in which they are enrolled. This is a matter of simple courtesy for school staff and instructors – children of parents who do not follow this rule will be dismissed from the class.
    • PICK-UP PROCEDURES:  Custodians of buildings in which evening classes occur will unlock the designated entrance 10 minutes prior to the course start time; doors will be relocked 10 minutes after the course is scheduled to begin.  Course instructors will  escort students to the main entrance (or the entrance that was unlocked in the case of evening classes) at dismissal and remain with them until they are picked up.  Due to the Care After programs, we cannot leave doors unlocked as we do during regular arrival and dismissal.
    • WHILE THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM is coordinated by the Worthington School District, our providers are outside vendors who contract with the school district to offer their programs.
    • THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM is distinct from Care After School.  Information about Care After School is available at their website: .
    • PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide transportation to or from the After School Programs.  We do, however, work to rotate programs among buildings to the greatest extent possible and to schedule programs with limited ability to move due to instructor and/or space constraints later in the day so students from other buildings are able to attend. Thank you for your understanding and patience if a program your child is really interested in is not scheduled to run at your school this session.
    • REFUND POLICY: If the class is cancelled, you will receive a full refund (normally takes 2-3 weeks).
    • QUESTIONS about the overall program and/or that the course instructor is not able to answer may be directed to Kelly Wegley, After School Program Coordinator (614)-450-6148 or, or to Leah Baker (614)-450-6088 or