Online Learning Presentation For Worthington Schools

  • We recognize for a myriad of reasons it may be possible that a family decides for their child(ren) not to be present in the school building at any point in the school year, regardless of whether we return in a hybrid or all-in schedule. Students staying home to receive full-time instruction will be set up with online courses through an online service partner, paid for by the District. Students will be afforded the opportunity to take grade-level appropriate courses provided through an Ohio Online Learning Program (OOLP).

    Families have until August 10, 2020 to sign up for OOLP instruction. There is a one semester commitment.

    The July 30, 2020 announcement that Worthington Schools will start the year remotely (for at least the first quarter) may impact families’ decisions to enroll in OOLP. If you previously signed up for the OOLP platform and now want to receive Remote instruction with our Worthington teachers, please contact either Patrick Callaghan (Grades PreK-6) at or Dr. Neil Gupta (Grades 7-12) at to be removed from the Ohio Online Learning Program. Please include your child’s name, building, and grade level. We will notify your child’s school to let them know you are being removed from the online list and ensure you are placed with our Worthington teachers.

    Please be aware that we are unsure of what option (All In, Hybrid, or Remote) we will be under moving into the second quarter.

    Below is more information for consideration:

    Elementary Parents:

    • If you decide to go with Worthington Schools’ remote learning while in “REMOTE,” and then switch to OOLP if HYBRID is activated, the transition to the OOLP mid-stream may be difficult and challenging for elementary aged students, especially Grades K-3.

    • The classes we offer remote are based on Ohio Learning Standards, as are those at OOLP. However, the format and the curriculum materials, not to mention the pacing, may be entirely or very different -- adding to the challenge of changing mid-steam).

    • Moving to the OOLP, there is no planned ongoing connection to the class working in hybrid.

    • Moving to OOLP once the semester has started may mean that your student missed tutorials for navigating the classes with OOLP, and having not worked the process all along, may be at a deficit.

    • Students moving back to OOLP if remote ends in Worthington Schools in favor of HYBRID, will have missed the pacing, instruction and materials that the OOLP provided up to that point. There would be little way to revisit or regain all of that material. It MAY be best, if your overall desire is to NOT attend classes in person in Worthington during the conditions of this pandemic, to decide to go OOLP, all in, so as not to interrupt or disconnect your student’s learning.

    Secondary Parents:

    • OOLP Course List

    • Similar to our previous communication, we will not charge families for this option, unless they do not complete any courses or start in the program and then stop at any point. The cost of the semester program for grades 7-12 is $250 per semester course, or $1,250 per semester (5 semester classes).

    • Not all classes that we offer in our Worthington Schools have a comparable online class in the Worthington Online Learning Academy (i.e., Family and Consumer Science courses, Art courses, AP Chemistry, IB classes, etc.). Therefore, credit for the first quarter cannot be counted toward the child’s transcript or GPA. Please review the Course List linked above to view the courses available.

    • The district made a decision for students who participate in the Online Academy to still participate in band, choir, orchestra, and College Credit Plus classes at school. Students will not be able to participate in AP or IB classes at school.

    • Students will be given a pretest for each online course to determine which sections can be excluded based on prior knowledge or mastery. Students will have until January 18, 2021 to complete the semester courses.

    In mid-November, we will be providing information to families with a registration for second semester classes. We realize this is a difficult situation in planning for each family based on health and safety concerns and needs.

    In order to accommodate family requests, as well as provide advanced notice to our schools, families need to complete the No School Attendance Form by August 10, 2020 to provide the necessary information and planning to assist each student.

    • OOLP Informational Flyer
    • K-5 Student & Family Information
    • 6-12 Student & Family Information

    Below is the video to the presentation from the Ohio Online Learning Program to see what the online learning option will look like in Worthington for the 2020-2021 school year. The presentation slides are available in the link under the video. We apologize for those parents who tried to join the presentation but could not get in due to Zoom participation limits.