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    Born to be Wild Rehearsal Schedule

    Kilbourne Middle School Drama Club is an extracurricular activity open to all who are interested in the performing arts on stage or behind the scenes. Students will put on a full-length theatrical production, learn acting techniques including memorization and improv, assist with stage crew, and build and paint sets. The Drama Club runs from late October to mid-March, and after school availability is necessary, as well as occasional Saturday rehearsal availability. Join the Drama Club and come out to “play!”
    Fee: $35 participation fee

    Thursday, March 17 at 7P RED CAST and CREW 

    Friday, March 18 at 7P BLUE CAST and CREW 

    Saturday, March 19, at 7P RED CAST and CREW 

    Sunday, March 20 at 2P BLUE CAST and CREW

    Any questions, please email Andy Falter at: kilbournedramaclub@gmail.com