• 2021 Track & Field sports information:
    Track and Field: This is a combined team, Kilbourne, Phoenix, and students from Worthingway; both 7th and 8th graders are on the team, we practice at Worthingway Middle School.  Students please dress appropriately; MUST have a MASK; bring clothes to work out both indoors and outdoors. Practice will only be held indoors when conditions are unsafe but not necessarily uncomfortable. Home Meets at WWAY.


    Coaching Staff:

    Jackie Loar - Co-Head Coach  jloar@wscloud.org

    Nick Wiedenhoft- Co-Head Coach  nwiedenhoft@wscloud.org


    Eric Bidlack- Assistant Coach  eric.bidlack@gmail.com

    Adreon Barrett-Assistant Coach  adreon.barrett@yahoo.com



    .   PictureDay: March 24, 4:00 @ WWAY

    Please bookmark our website:    www.tinyurl.com/cardstrack