TWHS Art Club

Empty Bowl
    The Art Club at TWHS is not a traditional club that meets on a regular basis. The students that work in this club help to make and glaze bowls for the Empty Bowl Soup Supper. The club is a collection of students that want to help out with this fund raiser project, and give back to the community. The students in the Ceramics classes learn to make bowls on the wheel and then donate the bowls to the Empty Bowl Project. If a student does not have the skills to make a bowl, they can still help glaze the bowls.  Patrons that come to the Empty Bowl supper in February pay $10 for a bowl of soup, and get to select any bowl they want from the collection of hand-made bowls. All of the funds raised goes towards the Worthington Food Pantry. The funds we raise help with hunger in our community. We typically raise about $1000 to donate to the Worthington Food Pantry each year. The students get to utilize the skills they learn in the Ceramics classes to make and donate bowls for this fund raising project. I believe that it is a fulfilling experience for the students to help some one in need by making and donating a hand made bowl for this project.