• 2013-14 School Year

    Congratulations to the following Science Fair students who will advance to the State Science Day held at Ohio State University on Saturday, May 10th, 2014.



    Althea Chan – Project: What's for dinner? Why insect burgers and stem cell beef might be in your future!

    Meredith Gnezda and Olivia Vagnier – Project: Colors of the Cranium

    Anna Kravtsova – Project:  Which Smoothie has the Most Sugar?

    Rithuik Mamidala and Adam Zeller – Project:  Which rc tires are the best?

    Harrison Pasquinilli (State Alt. - 1) – Project:  How Finger Positioning Effects How Well a Robotic Hand Can Hold Three Different Types of Balls



    Douglas Button – Project:  Computer Speed and Hardware Correlation

    Sabine Dritz and Ana Gabriela Mira – Project: Conodonts of the Olentangy Shale

    Abby Girard and Julia Orloff – Project:  Kiki Bouba


    Science Fair

    Elementary Division

    1st place ($40) Aniv Ray

    Project: Bacteria in our environment

    Grade: 6

    Teacher: Juliane Bierl


    2nd place ($20) Jackson D'Amico

    Project: How do different types of water effect plant growth

    Grade: 5

    Teacher: Mrs. Brill


    3rd place ($10) Anna Markwardt

    Project: Rocks and What is Inside the Earth

    Grade: 1

    Teacher: Mrs. Deborah Fuller


    Middle School Division

    1st place ($40) Ellen Guerra, Renna Pappalardo

    Project: Dyeing for Mordants

    Grade: 8

    Teacher: Brian Lord


    2nd place ($20) Parker Jacobs, Morgan Chavez

    Project: How the Color of Ice Cream Effects how the Brain Perceives its Flavor

    Grade: 7

    Teacher: Sarah Federanko


    3rd place ($10) Meredith Gnezda, Olivia Vagnier

    Project: Colors of the Cranium

    Grade: 7

    Teacher: Sarah Federanko


    High School Division

    1st place ($40) Douglas Button

    Project: Computer Speed and Hardware Correlation

    Grade: 9

    Teacher: Mrs. Allen


    2nd place ($20) Sabine Dritz, Ana Gabriela Mira

    Project: Conodonts of the Olentangy Shale

    Grade: 10

    Teacher: Mrs. Hitzhusen


    3rd place ($10) Abby Girard, Julia Orloff

    Project: Kiki Bouba

    Grade: 9

    Teacher: Dana Allen

    Invention Convention

    1st place ($40) Robbie Dunham, Max Stoeckel

    Project: Heated Snow Shovel

    Grade: 8

    Teacher: Mr.Lord


    2nd place ($20) Cole Tucker

    Project: ChocoXtruder

    Grade: 8

    Teacher: Brian Lord


    3rd place ($10) Peter Fang

    Project: The Spinposter

    Grade: 8

    Teacher: Brian Lord


    Design Challenge

    K-3 Division

    1st place ($40) Gavin Tuttle, Brayden Vantell, Luke Koler

    Teacher: Gary King/ Donna Gehring


    2nd place ($20) Eli Hitzhusen, Haden Hitzhusen, Peter Hou

    Teacher: Bisca


    3rd place ($10) Matthew Grover, Conner Moghannam,

    Teacher: Kristin Hollinger


    4-6 Division

    1st place ($40) Lydia Van De Weghe, Alex Scites, Maya Grissett, Ella Bally

    Teacher: Mrs. Pardi


    2nd place ($20) Claire Ogden, Christina Rose, Marissa Sakir, Annie Wigand

    Teacher: Mrs. Pardi


    3rd place ($10) Logan Mulder, Terrigue Gray, Amya Harris, Ben Leffler

    Teacher: Mrs.Pardi


    7-8 Division

    1st place ($40) Kevin Schlichting, Cole Tucker, Myla Demko

    Teacher: Brian Lord


    2nd place ($20) Durga Pokala, Quentin Bartram, Arjun Jha

    Teacher: Trudy M. Tuttle


    3rd place ($10) Noah Spaulding-Schecter, Bryan Lawrence, Madison Price

    Teacher: Mr. Kabealo


    High School Division

    1st place ($40) Alyssa Senek, Cameron Senek, Olesya Tehan


    Grade: 0

    Teacher: Hitzhusen


    2nd place ($20) Zachary Austin Gallion, Maria Grace Spain, Nitin Gopinath, Tatjana Vujovic


    Grade: 0

    Teacher: Mrs. Hitzhusen


    3rd place ($10)





    Best Energy Project

    Jasmine Tan, Renuka Shank, Mounika Rao

    Project: Extinguishing Fire Using Sound Energy

    Grade: 9

    Teacher: Mrs.Quart


    Best Visual Design Challenge

    Claire Ogden, Christina Rose, Marissa Sakir, Annie Wigand

    Teacher: Mrs. Pardi


    Best Visual Display

    Francis-Scooter Nadolny

    Project: Oxidation of Metals

    Grade: 7

    Teacher: Records