• Worthington Science Day

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What time do student need to arrive?
    Science Fair: 8:00 am
    Invention Convention: 8:00 am
    Design Challenge: TBA - times will be emailed out to registered students after registration is closed.
    Do students working in a group each submit a registration?
    No, only one registration is needed per project 
    What are the group size limits for the Science Fair, Invention Convention and Design Challenge?
    Science Fair: Students can work alone or in groups of 2 or 3.
    Invention Convention:  Students can work alone or in groups of 2.
    Design Challenge: Students can register in groups of large as 3.  Any groups smaller than 3 may have other group members assigned to the group. 
    Will there be a school Invention Convention coordinator?
    We have a district Invention Convention Coordinator - Suzanne Palmer - who will coordinate our local Invention Convention with the Central Ohio Invention Convention.  A teacher will be needed at each building to assist with Invention Convention projects.
    Can students participate in more than one event?
    Students are welcome to participate in all of the event they are eligible. High school students are not eligible to participate in the Invention Convention due to the regional rules. If a student in participating in more than one event, please register for each event separately.
    Where can I find some ideas for a Science Fair project?
    Science Buddies - Includes a "Topic Selection Wizard" which asks the student questions and then suggests project ideas based upon the responses.
    Are there any restrictions on the type of project a student can do?
    Every project must be reviewed by a classroom teacher.  
    Any science fair project that requires the use of the following are required to complete the appropriate forms for Scientific Review Committee approval: ALL FORMS

    Note: Sharing projects (not to be judged) do not require SRC approval but require approval from your classroom teacher or principal.