• Thank you to everyone that made the 2015 Worthington Science Day a huge success.  A big thank you to all of the volunteers, judges, parents and student participants, you all made Science Day exciting, interesting and a fabulous event.
    Although it was best to cancel the awards ceremony due to the severe weather, it was disappointing to not be able to congratulate all of the students in person.  We will do our best on this web page to share the results and acknowledge the top projects and Design Challenge teams.
    Award winners will have a letter sent to their teacher which will include the details on how to claim your award. 
    Students in grade 5-12 earning a rating of "Superior" are eligible to participate in the regional science day at Columbus State Community College.  Eligible students received information with their certificates regarding the details of this next level.

    Design Challenge

       Grade 9-12
             1st place - Benedict Noonan, Ellen Guerra and Will Woo
             2nd place - Johnna Helfer, Riley Godard and Erin Baumann
       Grades 7-8
             1st place -  Kathryn Mierzejewski, Angie Harper and Winnie Mckahan
             2nd place -  Grayson Baylor, Will Franke and Kellen Ratliff
       Grades 4-6
             1st place -  Noah Silliman, Tyler Silliman and Andrew Oh
             2nd place -  Nicole Miller, Claire Schutte and Shelby Grainger
             3rd place - Elliott Scully, Natalie Harper and Allen Sluss
       Grades K-3
             1st place (Tie) - Matthew Grover, Max Altizer and Ryah Mcadams
             1st place (Tie) - Sadie Turner, Samantha Moorman and Isabelle Roth
             2nd place (Tie) - Addie Krohn, Elyse Williams and Samira Lin
             2nd place (Tie) - Charlie Smith, Griffin Millerand Curtis Henderson

    Invention Convention

             1st place - Sadie Turner - "Shoes-Stay-Pretty"
             2nd place - Rachael McCague - "Handy Chapstick"
             3rd place - Elliott Scully and Natalie Harper - "N.E. Chimney-O-Warmer"
       Middle School
             1st place - Eli Malench - "Vacuum Cleaner Wall Socket"
             2nd place - Morgan Chavez and Gerald Ottiwu - "Water Bottle Opener"
             3rd place - Nolan Laduke, Nathaniel Smith and Jacob Rittenberg - "The Reminder Sweatshirt"

    Science Fair

             1st place - Wilson Cole - "Moisturizers And Your Skin"
             2nd place -  Will Jackson - "Glofish As Bio-Indicators"
             3rd place -  Connor Bennett - "The Effects Of Temperature On Bacterial Growth"
       Middle School
             1st place - Mitchell Button and Dean Orloff - "Does Age Affect Memory?"
             2nd place - Dillon Marcinick and Bliss Rutonesha - "The Brain Body Connection:
                                        Can Exercise Really Make Our Brains Work Better?"
             3rd place - Owen Graham - "The Leidenfrost Effect"
     High School
             1st place - Ellen Guerra, Kaitlin Reed and Madison Rice - "The Affect Of Water Acidity On Ceriodaphnia Dubia Mortality"
             2nd place -  Luke Bobay - "The Effects Of Chemicals And Fertilizer On Pond Biodiversity"
             3rd place -  Sydney Fojas and Mounika Rao - "The Effects BPA Has On Seed Germination"

    Specialty Awards

       Outstanding Energy Project - Presented by the Ohio Energy Project
             Adrian Proca -  "Rubber Bands Energy"
       Outstanding Use of Technology - Presented by the ExploreLearning.com
             John Kallas and Michael Smith - "Where is MY WiFi?"

    District Science Day Awards - March 21st 2015

    Congratulations to the Following Students for earning a Superior rating at the Central District Science Day on March 21st, 2015:

    Mitchell Button - KMS

    Althea Chan - KMS

    Bianca Crank - KMS

    Olivia Engel - TWHS

    Aritrika Malakar - TWHS

    Hannah Ong - TWHS

    Dean Orloff - KMS

    Julia Orloff - TWHS

    Mounika Rao - TWHS

    Dylan Robinson - KMS

    Sylvia Strange - KMS

    Abigail Subler - KMS

    Cole Tucker - TWHS

    Olivia Vagnier - KMS

    Clayton Wood - KMS

    Thomas Worthington High School also won a special school award for having among the highest percentage of Superior rated projects in all of Franklin and Madison counties.