General Information & Policies
Summer Learning
  • Course Locations / Dates / Times
    Please check course descriptions for meeting dates, times, and locations (building) for specific courses.  Exact room assignments will be posted at each summer school building on the first day of classes. 

    Transportation / Drop Off and Pickup 
    1. Please note that the district does not offer transportation for summer school students, with the exception of students enrolled in Summer Reading Camp and Credit Recovery (Intervention). 
    2. For all programs, drop off and pickup of students should be done at the front entrance of the school.
    3. Student parking is available at Worthington Academy/Phoenix.

    High School Credit / GPA Computation

    1. Students have the potential to earn .25 to 1 credit during the summer term.  Students enrolled in credit recovery may receive additional credit.  For get-ahead courses, grades received for credit in blended or traditional teacher-directed courses are included when computing grade point average and become part of the permanent records.  
    2. For credit recovery courses directed and graded by Worthington teachers, both grades (the prior failing grade and the summer school grade) on shown on the transcript, but only the highest grade is used to compute the grade point average. 
    3.  For e-school online credit recovery courses, both grades (the prior failing grade and the summer school grade) are shown on the transcript, but neither grade is used to compute the grade point average.  In this situation, the student earns credit toward graduation, and the prior failing grade no longer has a negative impact on the grade point average.

    Athletic/Co-Curricular Situation

    1. If an athlete/co-curricular participant (e.g. marching band) passes 5 one-credit courses during the 4th quarter, but does not meet the Worthington semester requirement (passing grades in 5 semester courses), the student may take a summer school class to earn this semester requirement and become eligible for fall sports/co-curricular activities.  
    2. However, if a student does not pass 5 one-credit courses during the 4th quarter, the student is ineligible for the start of fall sports/co-curricular activities. The requirement to pass 5 one-credit courses in the immediately preceding grading period is an OHSAA Bylaw.  For eligibility, summer school grades shall not be used to substitute for failing grades received in the final grading period of the regular school year or for lack of enough courses taken in the preceding grading period.

    For more information, please reference the Guidelines for Student Athletic Eligibility. 

    1. Because the summer session is necessarily of short duration, daily class attendance is extremely important.  Students with vacations, camps, jobs, or sports/musical activities that conflict with summer school classes are advised NOT to enroll in summer school.  Vacations, camps, jobs, and sports/musical events are NOT excused absences.  Although blended get-ahead courses do offer increased flexibility, please note that successful course completion requires a significant commitment of time and effort on the part of the student.
    2. It is important to remember that participation in summer school is not required by law and is a privilege that is paid for by participants, their parents or guardians, and the Board of Education.  Good attendance is imperative in summer school, particularly in high school credit courses.  Courses in summer school follow regular graded courses of study as approved by the Worthington Board of Education.
    The Worthington Schools Summer Program recognizes the following as excused absences:
    • Personal injury or illness (a physician's written recommendation that the student remain home will be requested)
    • Quarantine of residence or house arrest
    • Death in the family 
    • Religious holiday

    Absences for any other reason are unexcused.  Work missed during a period of excused absence may be made up.  Upon the third absence (excused or unexcused), the student will be removed from high school credit courses. Removal means the student will be dropped from the summer school roster and receive no credit.  There will be no refund of fees. 

    Code of Conduct  
    1. Student conduct during summer school is expected to be exemplary.  Especially in this shortened period of instruction, time-consuming disciplinary actions are inappropriate and should be unnecessary.  
    2. The student conduct code as outlined in the student handbooks of Thomas Worthington High School and Worthington Kilbourne High School will be used in summer school.  The only deviations are in the duration and type of consequences for violations of the code of conduct.  For summer school, consequences will be adjusted to correspond to the shortened duration of the summer school term. 
    3. Upon the third violation of the code of conduct, a student will be removed from summer school.  Removal means the student will be dropped from the summer school roster and receive no credit.  There will be no refund of fees. 
    Questions?  Please contact Leah Baker at the Worthington Education Center (450-6006).  To report attendance (during the summer school term), please call 450-4107 (for classes at Worthington Academy/Phoenix) or 450-5500 (for classes at Worthington Park).