Worthington Schools Enrollment Forms 
    You may need to provide one or more of the following forms during the enrollment process. Check with the Worthington Welcome Center if you have any questions about which form you need to use for your situation. 
    NOTE: Each family sharing a residency needs to provide 3 current proofs of residency. The documents must be dated within 30 days of the enrollment appointment. The primary family must provide a lease or mortgage statement along with two current utility bills.  The secondary family must provide 3 proofs of residency such as bank statement, phone bill, doctor bill or dental bill, etc. for enrollment purposes. 
       Change of Address
      To be used for after moving within
      the Worthington School District 
       Custody Affidavit R102   Required form for filing custody/
      guardianship information with the district
       Health History   Required form for Kindergarten 
       Immunization Records   This form can must be filled out by your
      child's pediatrician 
       Open Enrollment   This form notifies the district of the intent to enroll
      a student into a Worthington school other than the 
      one they are assigned. You still must live within
      the district boundaries.
       Physician's Report   This form must be filled out by a doctor if your
      child is enrolling in Kindergarten
       Shared Residency Affidavit    This affidavit is required when two families are 
      sharing a residency