Worthington Schools Enrollment Forms 
    The following forms should be used if you are living in a shared residency and wish to enroll your child into Worthington Schools. Contact the Worthington Welcome Center at 614-450-6112 if you plan on declaring a shared residency during your enrollment appointment.
    Each family sharing a residency needs to provide 3 current proofs of residency.  The documents must be dated within 30 days of the enrollment appointment. The primary family must provide a lease or mortgage statement along with two current utility bills. The secondary family must provide 3 proofs of residency such as bank statement, phone bill, doctor bill or dental bill, etc. for enrollment purposes. 
    Shared Residence Enrollment Checklist This checklist will provide you will information on forms needed to enroll
    Shared Residency Affidavit  This affidavit is required when two families are sharing a residency 
    Statement of Occupancy This is required for a primary family that is sharing
    a residency within the district. Must be signed by landlord or rental agent.