• Attendance Requirements

    Worthington School Board Policy states that students of school age shall attend their assigned school during school hours in accordance with Ohio Law.  Regular school attendance is an important part of the educational process, and classroom instruction is an essential part of the learning process.  Prolonged or repeated absence disrupts not only the education of the individual, but also the continuity of the process in the entire classroom.  The implied value of school is diminished when students are removed from school or are allowed to remain home without sufficient cause.

    Student attendance at the elementary level is primarily the responsibility of the parents or the guardians.  Parents are required to contact the school when their child will be absent.  If this doesn’t occur, the school will contact the home.  The school will adhere to the following guidelines concerning students with multiple absences unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon by the parents and the school.

    ABSENT 6 DAYS         The student’s teacher will contact the parent(s), preferably by phone.

    ABSENT 10 DAYS       The school will send a formal warning letter to the student and parent(s).

    ABSENT 12 DAYS       A doctor’s note will be required in order for the student’s absence to be excused.

    ABSENT 15 DAYS       The school principal or designee will contact the parents and schedule a conference to seek solutions and                                         discuss consequences that address the student’s absenteeism.

    ABSENT 20 DAYS       The principal may make a referral to the appropriate legal or social service agency who may bring
                                            charges of parental neglect against the parent or guardian.

    Students out of school for illness, truancy, vacation, family or personal business, and appointments will be counted as absent.

    Students out of school for field trips, assemblies, school sponsored activities or holidays of their religion will not be considered absent.

    Out of school suspension will count as an unexcused absence and students will be expected to make up their work.

    Make-up work will be given to all students who are absent for reasons other than truancy, out of school suspension or expulsion.  However, truant or suspended students may also be given make-up work and the administrator and teachers will determine if credit will be given for this work.

    The school calendar can be used in planning family vacations.  Extending the December winter vacation or the spring vacation tends to interfere with a child’s educational progress.  Family vacations scheduled to coincide with school vacations are a help to your child and are strongly recommended.