• Dispensing of Medications

    If school personnel are asked to dispense any kind of medication to your child, prescription or non-prescription, our office must have the Dispensing of Medication Form, which has been approved by the Board of Education, filled out and on file in our office.  The form requires the signatures of the prescribing physician and at least one parent or guardian.  These forms are available on the district’s website link? and in our school office.  There is also a  copy of the form at the back of this handbook that can be printed and taken with you to the doctor’s office when needed. Please do not request that we make an exception to this procedure; we are bound by law to act in this manner.

    Requests for Exemption from Recess/Activities

    Your child’s health is an important phase of the education program.  Children need exercise and fresh air in order to keep healthy and alert.  Our supervised playground is a safe and healthy place where your child can participate in a variety of activities.  Weather and health permitting, we expect all children to go outside for recess.  Children recovering from an illness (no longer in an infectious stage) will be permitted to remain inside at recess time upon written request from parents. If the request is for longer than three days, the school should have a statement from the doctor explaining why the child is well enough to be in school, but is unable to be outside for a short time.  In general, it is much better that the children become involved in outside activities rather than to stay in the classroom the entire day.



    Proof of immunization must be on file in the nurse’s office within fourteen (14) days of the student entering school. In addition to this requirement, students entering the district from a foreign country must also present evidence of a negative TB test or chest x-ray report within the last ninety (90) days and prior to entry to school.