• School Fees

    The fee schedule for consumable materials at the elementary level is: 

    • Kindergarten       $24                                      
    • Grades 1 - 3        $42
    • Grades 4 - 6        $36

    Fees are for student workbooks and other consumables in the various curricular areas.  These include materials and supplies for reading/language arts, art, science, handwriting, music and math. 

    •  Fees are non-refundable. 
    •  Fees for students enrolling during the second semester will be adjusted to one half the scheduled rate.  
    •  Fees can be paid through MyPaymentsPlus or by check during registration at the beginning of the school year. 
    •  Any student not participating in free or reduced-price lunch programs is expected to pay student fees. 
    •  Any student approved for the free lunch program will pay no fees (with a signed waiver form).  
    •  Any student approved for the reduced-price lunch program will pay half of the assessed fee (with a signed waiver form).