The Worthington Schools provides gifted service, EPP (Enriched Placement Program) Math,  to 3rd through 6th graders who have been identified as gifted both the areas of superior cognitive ability AND math.
    In order to be identified as gifted in the area of superior cognitive ability, a student must score at least two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement, on a cognitive abilities assessment (ORC 3324.03).   Identification in the area of math requires a student to score at or above the 95th national percentile on a mathematics achievement test, such as MAP (ORC 3324.03). Both criteria must be met for placement into gifted services.
    Second and fourth grade students will be screened for superior cognitive ability as part of a district-wide screening.  Students, grades K-6, will be screened in math and reading throughout the year using MAP. Referrals for gifted identification testing may be made to the Gifted Services Department by parents, teachers, and administrators.
    Referral forms can be accessed on the district website under the Gifted Services Department, in the school office, or by contacting the Gifted Services Department at 614-450-6055. Please note the criteria to be served in the EPP Math are different from the criteria for state gifted identification.