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    Data Analysis Help for Science Fair Projects 


    Ideas for Projects

    Science Buddies- Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? Are you in need of fun, at-home science experiments? Science Buddies has over 1,000 Project Ideas in all areas of science.

    Past State Level Project– This PDF will show all of the projects from last year’s State Science Day. Read through some of the project titles and maybe you will think about a project that is similar that interests you.

    Ohio Soybean Council - Science Fair support for soy related projects

    Air Quality: Possible help from Richard Hicks, MPA, Office of Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Health Division

    • Students conduct surveys on school property to observe idling (who idles, frequency, number of vehicles, age of driver, time idling, etc.)
    • Students research for info on tailpipe pollution and develop and estimate types and total of pollutants produced based from observed findings
    • Students research and discuss potential health impacts related to vehicle pollution observed from idling survey
    • Optional: follow-up student idling survey to gauge impact
    • Optional: use portable monitors to detect pollutants in other areas of daily life