Prescription Medication: Please complete the following Prescription Medication Form for all prescription medication to be administered at school. Parents must complete the top portion, while physicians are required to complete the bottom portion of the form.
    Over-the-Counter Medication: A parent permission form is required for all over-the-counter medications. Please complete the following Over-the-Counter Medication Permission Form in its entirety.
    If the over-the-counter medication is kept in the school's Health Office, a specific dosage must be listed. We cannot accept "as directed" or "per bottle instructions".  A specific dosage such as "two capsules" or "1 teaspoon" must be listed. The timing must also be specific. If this medication is taken only "as needed", please specify that next to the "Time/Frequency to be taken" section of the form. If the medication needs to be administered to your student daily or on a routine schedule, then please be specific about that timing.