Visual & Performing Arts Gifted Identification

  • Under Ohio Revised Code 3324 we are mandated to identify students as gifted in the area of the visual and performing arts. We are currently accepting referrals for students in this area which includes the visual arts, music, dance, and theatre. While there is a mandate for gifted identification in the area of the arts, there is no mandate for gifted services in this area.

    Students participating in this process will be evaluated using one to three different instruments. The first phase of the evaluation, which is the completion of a gifted trait checklist by an educator in the arts, will be completed in November. A teacher familiar with the student and the area in which he/she is being assessed will complete the checklist based on observations from the beginning of the school year.

    Students meeting the state screening score, but not the state qualifying score, will be assessed with a second checklist. All families will be notified of the outcome of this checklist assessment by the middle of December. Students who earn a qualifying score on the checklist assessment will be invited to participate in the second phase of assessment taking place the middle of January. That is a display of talent using a portfolio of visual art or an original music, dance, or drama performance coupled with a display of requested technical skills as appropriate to the area being assessed.

Image of Comedy and Drama Masks