•  See below for details and links to all things high school registration!

    8th grade students learn about and complete TWHS registration through their math and English classes. The first week, they will be taught how registration works, then the following week they will physically register for courses on the computer through social studies. Please see the schedule below to know when your student learns about this and registers.


     If you have... Registration Information Registering (on computer) *Registration cards due*
    Mrs. Morgan Monday, January 24th  
    Mrs. Adesso, Mrs. Ali, Mr. Adolph Tuesday, January 25th  
    Mrs. Irwin   Wednesday, February 2nd
    Ms. Hill   Thursday, February 3rd
    Mrs. Adolph, Mrs. Adan   Friday, February 4th
  •  Important 2022 Dates for High School Scheduling 

    • January 24th & 25th - Mrs. Fei in 8th grade Math classes to help explain the registration process. 
    • January 25th - Curriculum Night at Thomas Worthington High School
    • February 1st - Linworth Open Admissions Night
    • February 2nd, 3rd, & 4th - Mrs. Fei in 8th grade English classes to help students register for classes online. Registration cards due back. 
    • February 7th and beyond - Mrs. Fei will review and double check requested schedules. 
    • April 29th - Linworth Application Deadline

    High School Graduation Requirements for graduating classes of 2023 and beyond are located HERE

    Check out the district's video explaining how graduation requirements work HERE and a Google slides presentation on the requirements HERE

    9th Grade Course Registration Materials 



    The Linworth Experiential Program opened in the fall of 1973 as an option for high school students in the Worthington City Schools. The purpose of the program is to more fully engage students in their education by creating options and having students make choices, placing the students in situations requiring higher levels of responsibility and having students learn and apply what they have learned through experiential education. Completed applications for fall 2021 enrollment will be accepted until Friday, April 29th, 2022.  Click here for the application. 

    Students/families are encouraged to learn more about this program option through this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjS7fAs52I4 
    If you would like to schedule a half day tour of Linworth, please fill out the form here.

    TWHS School Counselors

    Students are assigned to school counselors by the first letter of their last names. See below for who you can contact with questions!

    A-D: Mrs. Felicha Smith - fsmith@wscloud.org

    E-K: Mrs. Kelly Swearingen - kswearingen@wscloud.org

    L-M: Mrs. Celeste Preisse - cpreisse@wscloud.org

    N-R: Mr. David Quart - dquart@wscloud.org

    S-Z: Mrs. Stephanie Burns - sburns@wscloud.org