The following repairs will be made in-house or contracted as necessary and can be initiated by entering an online Work Request using the District FMX Work Request System.

    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Interior and Exterior Doors and Locks
    • Exterior Lighting
    • Kitchen Equipment

    A Work Request must be submitted for all building repairs or replacement of equipment by:  The following are the steps to enter an online Work Request:

    > log-in the portal at Worthington.k12.oh.us
    > click on Applications (bottom of screen)
    > click on Maintenance Requests (left screen)
    > click on +New maintenance request (top right)
    > enter all requested information
    > click Save

    You will receive an automatic confirmation email that your Work Request was received. When the repair work has been completed, it will be confirmed by the return of a resolved Work Request email. 

    Work Requests will be completed according to the list of priorities as identified on the Work Request Priorities page on the Facilities Management website under the tab marked General Information.  Please initiate a Work Request as soon as the problem has been identified. 

    Building principals and custodians are asked to submit all Work Requests expected to be completed during summer break to Building Maintenance Services no later than May 15.  Early submission of Work Request will provide the necessary time required for Building Maintenance staff to organize, prioritize, and budget repairs over the summer months.

    Please be aware that a new Work Request will have to be reissued using the District FMX Work Request System if a repair is not successful.