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Blended Learning

  • The term “blended learning” has been used to describe various types of instruction; as such, there are many definitions for blended learning. For purposes of understanding and implementing blended learning in Worthington Schools, we use the following definition:

    Blended Learning is a formal program in which students learn in multiple settings, including online and face-to-face, with some control over the pace, path, and place of their learning. Blended Learning courses are designed and taught by Worthington teachers who seamlessly and intentionally integrate technology and instructional best practices so that learning is accessible and personalized for all students.

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Blended Learning Videos

This 10 minute video below includes information about the blended learning program in Worthington Schools, as explained and experienced by faculty cohort members.

Watch and listen as Worthington High School students describe their experiences with blended learning during the 2017-2018 school year.