Advanced Placement Classes

In 2015, 465 students took 752 AP exams
  • Students will have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement examinations during the month of May. The advantages of taking these exams as well as the format and content of the exams are described in the 2017-2018 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents and will be discussed in the AP classes.    
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    The online registration for AP exams will be open in the middle of January.
    The fee for each examination is $100. Your child may qualify for a free or reduced exam if they currently qualify under the federal lunch program. Please contact the Gifted Services Department at 450-6056 if you have questions concerning your eligibility or would like information to complete the process. 
    Payments may also be made in person at the Worthington Education Center. If you wish to register in person, please contact Amy Reynolds, Gifted Services Secretary at (614) 450-6056 to make an appointment. Checks or money orders for registration will only be accepted if registration is completed in person and must be made payable to the Worthington Board of Education. Payments mailed will NOT be accepted.
    Students are required to take exams at specifically scheduled nation-wide times. Early testing is not permitted under any circumstances. Under special approved circumstances, defined by the College Board below, an exam may be administered at a later date using an alternative form of the exam.