• Thank you to everyone that made the 2016 Worthington Science Day a huge success.  A big thank you to all of the volunteers, judges, parents and student participants, you all made Science Day exciting, interesting and a fabulous event.
    Students in grade 5-12 earning a rating of "Superior" are eligible to participate in the regional science day at Columbus State Community College.  Eligible students received information with their certificates regarding the details of this next level.

    Design Challenge

       Grade 9-12
             1st place - (-59 points) Myla, Madison and Caleb
             2nd place - (-36 points) Christopher and NiiNii
             3rd place - (-33 points) Lillian, Katherine and Francis
       Grades 7-8
             1st place -  (-40 points) Miles and Logan
             2nd place - (-18 points) Jacob, Mark and Sam         
             3rd place - (-3 points) Angela, Kathryn and Winnie
       Grades 4-6
             1st place - (-23 points)Owen, Caleb and Toby
             2nd place - (-22 points) Juliet, Teak and Evelyn
             3rd place - (-20 points) Matthew, Evan and Phillip
       Grades K-3
             1st place - (-29 points) Bella, Sadie and Calvin 
             2nd place (Tie) - (-20 points) Sean, Isaac and Noah
             2nd place (Tie) - (-20 points) Luka, Avignah and Mikah

    Invention Convention

             1st place - Isabella - "Super Bedtime Snack Machine"
             2nd place - Paul - "Operation Tied Shoelaces"
             3rd place - Dashiell - "Time Tellerscope"
       Middle School
             1st place - Iris - "Candle Power"
             2nd place - Jacob - "Magno-Heel"
             3rd place - Sofia - "iSoFITa"

    Science Fair

             1st place (tie) - Calvin - "Mummified Hot Dogs"
             1st place (tie) - Cameron - "Separation of Monomers in Polystyrene Foam"
             1st place (tie) - Draven - "Airflow/ Turbulence Does the Style of a Matchbox Car Effect How Much Turbulence It Has?"
             1st place (tie) - Luke - "Are All Liquids Created Equal?"
             1st place (tie) - Elizabeth - "Click, Click, Click SCREAAAM!"
             1st place (tie) - Stella - "The Sounds of Music"
       Middle School
             1st place (tie) - Dean - "Can We Really Multitask?"
             1st place (tie) - Lucas - "What Temperature do crystal grow best in"
             3rd place (tie) - Victor - "Card Sorting: A Study in Gender Responses to Stimuli"
             3rd place (tie) - Deep - "Can crops survive being irradiated at different levels?"
     High School
             1st place - Cole - "3D Printer Plus(A Multi-medium Engineering Device)"
             2nd place - Ellen - "Nitrates in Groundwater: How do they diminish over time?"
             3rd place (tie) - Brian - "Reducing Nitrates in Water"
             3rd place (tie) - Althea - "UV Protection vs. Sunscreen SPF Rating"

    Specialty Awards

       Outstanding Energy Project - Nidin - "Windmill Electricity Project"

    Superior Science Fair Projects

    Adrian - Resistors And Pencils: How To Make A Light Dimmer By Using Simple School Supplies
    Adriana - The Placebo Effect*
    Alex - Dc Motor Efficiency*
    Althea - UV Protection vs. Sunscreen SPF Rating*
    Ameer and Lathan - Soy Vs Parrafyn*
    Andrew and Kyle - What Is The Fastest Way To Cool A Soda?*
    Bella and Jenna - Plant Growth*
    Brian - Reducing Nitrates In Water*
    Caden - Is Raw Orange Juice A Working Pesticide*
    Callie & Natalie - Do Seismic Waves Travel Through Different Densities Faster Than Others?*
    Calvin - Mummified Hot Dogs
    Cameron - Separation Of Monomers In Polystyrene Foam*
    CJ, Charles and Jacob - What Ingredient Causes The Best Shine And Luster.*
    Cole - 3D Printer Plus(A Multi-Medium Engineering Device)*
    Daniel - Extinguishing Heroes*
    Dean - Can We Really Multitask?*
    Deep - Can Crops Survive Being Irradiated At Different Levels?*
    Draven - Airflow/ Turbulence Does The Style Of A Matchbox Car Effect How Much Turbulence It Has?*
    Dylan - Conservation Of Resources Through Font Choices*
    Eleanor and Juliana - Cookie Science*
    Eliot - Hydropower*
    Elizabeth - Click, Click, Click Screaaam!*
    Ellen - Nitrates In Groundwater: How Do They Diminish Over Time?*
    Emily - Salt*
    Evers and Chris - Can An Adult Pass A Middle School Test?*
    Gretchen - Phonograph Amplifier Made From Household Items*
    Jacob - Skinny Cat, Fat Cat?*
    Jacob and Chris - Holding Together*
    Jason, Kevin and Nathan - What Material Makes The Freezing Point Of Water The Most?*
    Jennie and Annette - Which Paper Towel Brand Is The Strongest?*
    Jude - Bouncy Polymer
    Kate - Memory...Paper Vs. Computer*
    Laura - Stain Resistant Paint*
    Leon - The Effectiveness And Specificity Of Phages In Comparison To Antibiotics*
    Lucas - What Temperature Do Crystal Grow Best In*
    Luke - Are All Liquids Created Equal?*
    Luke - Snowball Earth*
    Madeline - The Effect Of Proximity Between Plants On Growth*
    Mary and Julia - How Does Diet Effect Blood Pressure?*
    Michayla, Ellie and Juliana - How Fast Can Snails Complete An Obstacle Course To Get To Food*
    Mitchell and Zubin - How Does Mood Affect Reaction Time?*
    Nadia - What Brand Of Chewing Gum Blows The Largest Bubble?*
    Natalie - Absorbing The Data*
    Nidin - Windmill Electricity Project*
    Owen and Ayden - Watermelon Hydration Test*
    Reilly - Reilly'S Smoothing Smoothies*
    Ross - Chillin With Dry Ice*
    Sage - Chomp That Bug*
    Sam - Planting Material Water Absorption*
    Samuel - Explosive Science*
    Soham - Magnetic Linear Accelerator*
    Stella - The Sounds Of Music*
    Victor - Card Sorting: A Study In Gender Responses To Stimuli*
    Xander and Miguel - What Items Can We Levitate With Magnets?*
    Xiaojiao, Alexus and Kylie - What's Up With Enzymes?*
    Zahira - Does Groove Effect Mood?*
    Zoe - Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow?*

       * Superior projects in grades 5-12 are eligible to move to the Central Ohio Regional Science Day on March 19th, 2016.
     Score Distribution