Entrepreneurial Business Academy (available at TWHS)

  • TWHS & EBA student Brendan Chave outlines the program:

    The Entrepreneurial Business Academy (EBA) is a 4 year program at Thomas Worthington that allows students to learn essential skills for running a business AND great skills for everyday life - such as creating a budget and trading stock.

    Freshman year  consists of a typing class and Microsoft Office. The classes provide the building blocks that students need as they go through the rest of the program.

    During their sophomore year, students take Accounting 1 and Social Media Marketing. Accounting 1 will immediately make you a great asset to any company. Every business needs an accountant, and for that reason, this is an important class in the program. Social Media marketing will teach you how to connect to an audience through internet analytics to sell and advertise products and image.

    Students start the junior year by taking one of the most exciting classes in the program - Intro to Business. This class teaches the ins and outs of owning and running a successful business. Students even have an exciting end of semester project to present a business plan to real investors! The second class of the year is Personal Financial management. This course teaches how to budget for yourself, which is an essential skill for everyone, not just those who want to own their own business.

    Senior year is the most exciting year of the Program. All of the skills accumulated over the first three years come together so that everyone in the class runs all aspects of the The Aviary, the TWHS student-run store. People will work The Aviary for all periods of the day, doing a variety of jobs. Students are allowed to present new ideas and have business meetings with the CEOs of your class, who are voted on. The other part of senior year includes an internship with a local company or business which will allows students to gain some great experience with a real job.

    “Throughout the four years of the EBA program you will learn some essential skills that you wouldn't learn anywhere else. The classes are also classes that you will generally enjoy taking and for that reason, I believe that the EBA Program is one of a kind and I would highly recommend it.”

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