Master Facilities Plan

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  • The goal of the community-led Worthington Schools Master Facilities Plan is to identify solutions for the district’s most urgent facility and operational needs. That includes caring for aging facilities, managing for enrollment fluctuations, and balancing high school enrollment so that students throughout the district are provided with equitable opportunities no matter which high school they attend.

    We often refer to these challenges as the ABCs of facilities planning - Aging Facilities, Balancing High School Enrollment and Capacity for all.

    In December 2017, the community-led task force made the following recommendations to the Board of Education.

    1. For our growing enrollment, the Master Facilities Plan recommends that the school district change elementary configuration to Kindergarten - 5th grade, with 6th grade going to the middle school. Moving 6th grade creates the needed capacity at the elementary level.
    2. The district will also reopen Perry Middle School and expand the facility so that we can continue to offer the valued programs Phoenix Alternative Middle School and Worthington Academy.
    3. To address our aging school buildings, Phase I of the plan will rebuild Worthingway and renovate all other middle schools which are buildings that are in need of immediate repair. In addition, all schools will receive needed technology and equipment upgrades. Phase II will repair/renovate Thomas Worthington High School. Elementary building replacements and renovations will be considered in Phase II and Phase III.
    4. To better balance high school enrollment, the task force recommends moving an elementary school attendance area from TWHS to WKHS. The decision of which elementary will move to the WKHS attendance area has not been decided. Further discussion and evaluation of elementary schools is needed.