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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are grades weighted for IB classes?
    Yes. GPA for IB courses is calculated on a 5 point scale.

    Can I complete the STEM/PLTW program and pursue the full IB DP?
    Yes. See Mr. Karns or Mr. Deisher for more information.

    Can I participate in marching band and pursue the full IB DP?
    Yes. Due to marching band’s special scheduling requirements, this does require careful coordination of your course selections.

    Can I participate in sports and pursue the full IB DP?
    Yes. Many of our current IB students are varsity athletes. IB is a rigorous pathway, but organized students can excel at both sports and the IB DP.

    Can I earn college credit for my IB classes?
    Yes and No. Colleges and universities look favorably on IB courses, but not all courses qualify for credit at all schools. Most schools offer credit for successful scores on exams for HL courses. Some schools offer credit for scores on SL exams and for some or all of the IB core. Some schools even grant sophomore status to students who earn the IB diploma. 

    What is the cost to participate in the IB DP?
    About $360. This covers your exam fees for three of your IB courses (the district covers the fees for additional courses and the IB core).  Each course exam cost $119 for May 2020 exams.

    What makes a good IB student?
    IB students are curious, open-minded thinkers. They like to explore ideas and solve problems. IB students care deeply about their studies, their friends, and their communities. Their compassion for others helps drive their work ethic. And IB students are self-starters who believe learning involves action. Through service, physical activity, and creativity, IB students act to improve themselves and their communities. The IB DP is truly rigorous and requires sustained dedication and effort.

    How do I sign up for IB or get more information?
    Contact Ms. Goodwin at JGoodwin@wscloud.org or see her at school. Ms. Goodwin will meet with you individually to discuss your course selections and help you enroll.