We’re thrilled that you’re starting to think about International Baccalaureate coursework! This document provides some basic information about the IB program at WKHS. You can also print information and requirements for the IB Diploma Programme.

    What is IB? First established in 1968, the INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA PROGRAM (IBDP) is set of classes designed to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility and promote international understanding. The curricula is administered by the IB Organization (IBO), a nonprofit based in Switzerland. The IBO has authorized 5,175 schools to offer the IBDP in 157 different countries. The actual IB diploma is a credential recognized by colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. Students who complete the full IBDP earn the IB diploma in addition to their Worthington diploma. Many colleges in the U.S. award college credit for successful IB exam scores, just like they do for AP exams.

    What IB options does WKHS offer? Our students have three IB options: the full IB diploma program, a partial IB program, and individual IB courses (taken a la carte). See the reverse side of this sheet for a list of our IB courses.

    IB Information

    What is the IB Core? The IB Core is three components that form part of the requirements for the IB diploma or completion of our partial program option. A major part of what makes IB different than other advanced coursework options, the IB Core connects IB courses, challenges students to become sophisticated thinkers, and teaches students leadership skills and the value of service to others. The three IB Core components are Theory of Knowledge; Creativity, Activity, Service; and the Extended Essay.

    What is Theory of Knowledge (ToK)? A for-credit course that explores the nature of knowledge and connects to each IB course. One part psychology, one part philosophy, and one part just plain awesome, the course gives real meat to the term “critical thinking.”

    What is Creativity, Action, Service? A structured, supervised series of projects that takes learning outside the classroom and into the community. Students complete and reflect on 50 hours each of creativity, action, and service activities. Along the way they complete a group service project and individually lead others in a service project.

    What is the Extended Essay? A 4,000 word work of original research on a specific topic of personal interest to the student. This research and the resulting essay are mentored and supervised by a WKHS staff member. Students also receive instruction in research methods and essay composition from our program’s Extended Essay Coordinator.

    What makes a good IB student? IB students are curious, open-minded thinkers. They like to explore ideas and solve problems. IB students care deeply about their studies, their friends, and their communities. Their compassion for others helps drive their work ethic. And IB students are self-starters who believe learning involves action. Through service, physical activity, and creativity, IB students act to improve themselves and their communities.

    Who can I contact for more info about IB at WKHS? Contact Jeannie Goodwin, IBDP Coordinator, to ask questions, set up a meeting to talk about IB, get scheduling advice, or find out how to get involved in IB activities in grades 8-10. You can reach her via email at JGoodwin@wscloud.org. You can also visit our webpage at worthington.k12.oh.us/IB

IB Grad Requirements
Partial Grad Requirements