• Worthingway Arts Program (WAP) is an after school performing arts program that engages students in life-enriching art experiences!  Intensive workshops are offered to all students at Worthingway Middle School.  Workshops will teach students important fundamentals in acting techniques as well as how to audition.  This fall’s Actor’s Bootcamp! is perfect for students with no experience in theater to learn in a fun and non-intimidating environment.  It will also challenge any students with prior experience who are passionate about performing arts and will deepen their understanding and build new skills.  
    Each workshop is taught by a master Artist Educator from the community with professional experience in Theatre.  These artists are passionate about building relationships with students while promoting their craft.  Workshops may conclude with an informal performance, created by the students in collaboration with the master Artist Educator, and is open to family and friends.
    During the Spring quarter, Worthingway Arts Program will present a full Musical Theater production.  Students will be chosen by audition, and will work after school to rehearse together.  These productions will be directed by an Artist Educator and produced by  a Worthingway faculty member.  Students will not only perform in these productions, but help with backstage technical work, costumes, and make-up.  Two to three performances will be given at the end of the year open to family, friends, and the public.  
    WAP offers every student at Worthingway Middle School a fun and exciting opportunity to broaden their horizons, connect with other students, and build new skill sets.  It is a great program for students who simply want to explore an art form for the first time, or for those who are interested in pursuing theater in high school or beyond!  Sign up today for the workshop, the musical, or both!
    Advisor:  Mr. Jacob Reed
    Contact by Email-  jreed@wscloud.org