Updating Your Emergency Contact Information

  • Worthington Schools will contact parents via email, text or voice call to communicate school emergencies - including school closures due to winter weather. Parents are asked to regularly update their cell phone numbers & email settings to assure they will get the information.

    Here's a step-by-step guide to reviewing or changing your information.

    1. Log into the Worthington Schools Portal (If you don't know your password, use this link)

    Portal Login

    2. Select the Emergency Data Review Icon

        Emergency Data Review

    3. Select the line that says “Parent/Guardian and Primary Household”

    Parent and primary household

    4. Check the boxes marked “Emg.” on any method (text, voice, email) that you want to receive notifications. There is no limit to the number of notifications you can select.

    Contact Information

    5. Make sure you click on SAVE AND CONTINUE once you're finished checking boxes.

    6. In addition to updating your online emergency contact information, you can also download the new Worthington Schools App from the Apple or Google Play Store. Once you open it on your mobile device, you can set your notifications to get district alerts!

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