Olivia LoGuidice at Worthington Academy

Olivia LoGuidice
  • Sometimes the person who gives of his/herself ends up getting the most in return. Such is the case for senior Olivia LoGuidice, who has rebounded from a slow start in high school and is now on a solid path and a bright future as she nears graduation.

    LoGuidice found herself in a figurative tight spot when she finished her sophomore year at Thomas Worthington with a 1.5 GPA. Coinciding with some soul searching about her academic career, she took a summer volunteer position with Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM). While there she helped serve food to children up to age 18, and it was one conversation that helped her turn the corner, academically.

    “He had just graduated from high school and we formed a good relationship,” she said. “He came up to me and was like, ‘Look, I know you have struggled with your studies, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t do this. No one is going to do it for you. You have to really buckle down and do it yourself.’”

    LoGuidice had already made the decision to enroll in the first-year program Worthington Academy, and she was exactly the type of student the program was designed for, according to Principal Adam Schirg.

    “She’s a great ambassador for what we do at Worthington Academy,” he said. “But on top of that, she goes out and impacts her community every day, so we’re really proud of what she does and how she represents the program.”

    She credits Worthington Academy for “90 percent” of her turnaround, citing the ability to work at her own pace. Not only could she make up courses she failed her first two years, but she finished other courses at a quicker pace, allowing her to take on more work.

    The senior has rebounded nicely in her final two years of high school, doubling her GPA to a respectable 3.0. Her time volunteering with WARM has given her a perspective that has helped guide her aspirations going forward.

    “I want to be a doctor,” LoGuidice said. “I have so many big plans now because of the kids I have met (at WARM) and the (Worthington Academy) program I am in. Everything kind of came together when it was supposed to.”