Ryan Dalcolma with Facilities/Maintenance

Ryan Dalcolma
  • One thing that sets Worthington Schools apart is the fact its employees don’t just punch a timeclock and go about doing the duties of their specific job description.

    It’s not uncommon for our staff to go above and beyond.

    Ryan Dalcolma is a Grounds/Landscape Maintenance employee at Worthington Schools. While finishing up his work on an evening this Fall, Dalcolma leapt into action when a parent needed assistance.

    “We were all getting ready to go home,” he said. “Evening Street had its (student) pick-up and all the parents were lined up.”

    “The mom turned into Evening Street and she caught the corner of the manhole cover out in the city street and ripped a hole in her tire. She came up to our shop and Principal Mary (Rykowski) came to ask us to help her.”

    Dalcolma and colleague Sam Wilcox changed the tire as if it was just a normal part of their day.

    “Supervisor Dave Wickline has always made the point that we’re here to help the community and the parents,” said Dalcolma. “So, if there are little things we can do here or there to help, we don’t really reach out looking for a pat on the back. We’ve always helped any parent in need, usually anywhere in the district.”

    It’s just another example of Worthington Schools striving for “Absolute Excellence” across the board.