• High School scheduling with our 8th grade students for 2023-24!
    Mrs. Eggleston will be in classes the week of January 30th to talk about the basics of high school:  graduation requirements, honors classes, AP and IB classes, how to figure a GPA, how to read the course handbook, etc. Mrs. E will also go over what classes students are required to take next year and what options they have.  Your students can expect to see her in their science class the last days of January. 
    On Monday January 30th, she will be with Mr. Murphy. On Tuesday January 31st, she will be with Mr. Bennett.

    Students will be given a scheduling sheet this week.  This is the sheet they will take to their teachers for recommendations about classes.  Once students receive recommendations, they will bring the sheet home to talk with parents/guardians.  ***Parents/guardians, you do need to sign the sheet so we know you are involved in the conversation about what your student is requesting to take next year.  

    The following week, students will bring their completed and signed forms to their social studies class.  Mrs. E and students will enter the course requests together.  Please do not do this ahead of time.  Mrs. E likes to enter it with students so that they learn how to do it themselves.  Mrs. E will also double check each schedule to make sure that it is entered correctly.  Your student can expect to see Mrs. Eggleston in their social studies class. 

    On Tuesday February 7th, she will be with Ms. Koos.  On Wednesday February 8th, she will be with Ms Chawla.