Submitting a home education notification

  • The first step in the process is to submit a notification letter/form to the superintendent of the district in which you reside.  Notifications must include all of the elements outlined in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-34.  Briefly, those elements include:

    • Name, address, and signature of parent or guardian
    • Name and birthdate of the child(ren)
    • Assurance that home education will include 900 hours of instruction in the following (unless the topic conflicts with religious beliefs):
                - Language, reading, spelling and writing
               - Geography  
               - US/Ohio history
               - Local, state & national government
               - Science
               - Health and physical education
               - Fine arts, including music
               - First aid, safety, and fire prevention
    • A brief outline of intended curriculum and list of teaching materials (informational only)
    • Assurance that the home teacher has a high school diploma or the equivalent, or is working with guidance of a person holding a bachelors’ degree
    • An assessment report, if the notification is a continuation from a previous year


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