Continuing the home education plan

  • The home school notification process is an ANNUAL requirement, meaning that each school year a new notification and plan must be filed and reviewed to be in compliance with home education regulations.

    After the first year, and each successive year, an annual assessment report must be provided by the parent.

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Preparing the annual assessment report

  • The annual assessment report can take one of three forms:

    1. Results of a nationally normed, standardized test administered by a licensed/certified teacher; OR a person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and superintendent; OR a person duly authorized by the test publisher.
    2. A written narrative from a certified teacher OR person mutually agreed upon by the parent(s) and superintendent.
    3. Results of an alternative assessment of the child’s proficiency mutually agreed upon by  the parent(s) and the superintendent.

    A parent may make use of the school district’s standardized testing process at no cost to the parent.  You can consult the district testing schedule.

    The parent is responsible for the any fees charged  for the preparation of the narrative report or standardized testing conducted privately.