Big Things at Worthingway

  • Worthingway's Bill Mosca with kids photo

    In Worthington Schools, we like to focus on what we refer to as the  “big things”  - how we take care of our kids, how we build relationships with them, and how our students are able to grow and achieve because they know they have a trusted adult who cares about them and believes in them.

    At Worthingway Middle School, a focus on kindness and fostering respect between students and teachers alike helps build strong relationships that matter.

    “It’s really led by Principal (Nathan) Kellenberger,” Dean of Students Bill Mosca said.  “He’s really been great about having us develop the kind of culture in the building where we really want to be kind to kids.”

    As Dean of Students, one of Mosca’s responsibilities is dealing with discipline. The first thing he does when a student enters his office is reach out his hand for a handshake or first bump.

    “We believe in empowering our children and we’re really not a punitive community. We don’t believe in that. We believe in changing behaviors,” added Mosca. “We talk about discipline coming from love, so when they leave the office we want that handshake to mean something to them, to show them we’re here for them.”

    Students have had the culture rub off on them.

    “I see this as a good environment,” said eighth grader Nathanyal Jean-Gilles. “I’m going to shake a person’s hand and look them right in the eye so I can show them respect. That’s what we do at Worthingway.”

    Mosca takes the policy of embracing all his students a step further by including their families, making the effort to include parents and caregivers when it comes to discipline issues.

    “If a child comes in and is struggling a little bit, I ask parents to help me help their child,” he explained. “We try to keep it from being negative. As a parent, how can you help me get to know your child better? Building overall trust with students and their families is important. We’re very lucky. I feel very fortunate to work in Worthington Schools, I really do. It’s an honor. We have great teachers, professionals and great students with great families.”