Grades 1-12 enrollment information for families with students already enrolled in Worthington School

  • As a family with students currently enrolled in Worthington, you will be asked to update your current account AND make a Welcome Center Appointment for registration. 

     A. Use your current login and password assigned by Worthington Schools. If you do not know your ID and password, click the parent account recovery link at the bottom of the cloud login screen. If you are still having problems logging in, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. You can email or call 450-6131 for assistance.  
    Click here to login to your current account

    B. Once you've logged in, select Emergency Data Review:

    Emergency Data Review >
    C. Review your household data for each currently enrolled student. You will need to click 'Submit' to confirm your family's information. After doing that, you will be able to add a new student to your household:

             Add a Student
    D.  Add all of the student information by selecting 'Save and Continue' at the bottom of each page, until you finish the Student Consent Questions and 'Submit' your updates.
    After the entire online registration is completed and submitted, you will receive another email that will contain a link so that you can schedule an appointment at the Welcome Center.
    IMPORTANT INFORMATION! At your appointment, you will need a number of identification documents to complete the registration. Use the link below to view and print the list. It may be necessary to reschedule if you fail to provide the required documents or arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment.  Print the items you will need for your Welcome Center Appointment  
    Once the online registration is completed and an enrollment appointment is scheduled and completed, the respective building secretary will contact you with additional information. To adequately prepare transportation for your child and inform the school/teacher, we require a 48 hour turn around time on all enrollments.