• Guitar Club

    Kilbourne Middle School Guitar Building


    The Kilbourne Guitar Building Club is designed to give those students who desire to learn more about guitars and who also want to create their own guitar, an alternative avenue in which to explore this passion.  This STEM learning type of club will be held after school and involve the use of simple physics, power tools, and mathematics. Students who participate in this club will expand their knowledge by using various engineering tools to create a completely working electric guitar. Guitar bodies and all parts will be purchased through www.guitarbuilding.org and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


    In the process of learning, we also:

    -          Use drill presses, band saws, and sanders

    -          Apply physics to music theory as it applies to guitar building

    -          Discover how math determines sound and pitch

    -          Use soldering techniques to wire a guitar

    -          Discover how to follow schematics

    -          Introduce ourselves to how a CNC router works

    -          Understand how STEM relates to creation of the guita



    Questions? Email Brian Lord (Room 214): blord@wscloud.org