• Justice League (Promotes Diversity)

    KMS Justice League is a student-focused club that works towards helping club members and the general school population increase awareness and understanding of diversity related topics at school.

    Justice League members come up with topics and initiatives they feel are important to learn about and implement, focusing largely on education and understanding of the differences between all of us at KMS. Justice League is open to all studentsi in grades 6-8, and is also designed to be a safe space where students can come to learn and discuss issues such as race, religion, identity, etc. The faculty adviser for Justice League is Mr. O'Neill, boneill@wscloud.org

    Questions? Email Brennan O'Neill: boneill@wscloud.org

     WHEN: Wednesdays & Fridays
    TIME: 4th period
    WHERE: Room 203
    See Mr. O'Neill for more information