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  • Supporting the Units of Study in K-6
    Spring 2018

    As the Worthington School District moves forward with the adoption fo the anchor approach of Calkins Writer's Workshop, the implementation of the Units of Study will be in two phases:

    • Phase 1 (2018-19) - Implement one unit
    • Phase 2 (2019-20) - Implement three units

    Calkins Samplers

  • The Calkins Implementation Team invites you
    to Summer Professional Development

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    Writer’s Workshop: Calkins Units of Study Foundation
    What: This introductory session is K-2 focused, but ANY teacher can benefit from this intro IF they did not attend district PD during 17-18. This day will look at the writer’s workshop structure and how Calkins can make this time come alive for your students!
    Where: WEC
    When: Monday, August 6th

    Writer’s Workshop: Support for Implementation
    What: This two-day session for K-6 teachers is an opportunity to really get into the nitty gritty of your Calkins’ resources, and delve into how you will use the district-adopted materials this year in your classroom to help your students grow as writers!
    Where: WKHS
    When: Tuesday, August 7th & Wednesday, August 8th

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