Summer 2018 OST Administration

  • Worthington Schools will be offering students the opportunity to retake the Ohio’s State Tests High School End-of-Course Exams (OST) in the summer 2018.  Please see the information below regarding how to register for the optional pre-test intervention session and test participation.

    Registration deadline is June 22.

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  • Summer 2018 OST Administration

    1. Who

    a. The summer 2018 OST administration is open to all students who want to RETAKE any of the state high school End-of-Course exams.

    2. Where

    a. Phoenix Middle School/Worthington Academy building at 2341 Snouffer Rd., Worthington 43085.

    3. When

    a. Optional intervention sessions for test participants

    1. July 9-13 from 10:00-12:00 a.m.
    2. No transportation will be provided.
    3. Intervention assistance will be available for all 7 of the End-of-Course exams.

    b. Test administration

    1. Monday, July 16 through Thursday, July 19 starting promptly at 8:00 a.m.
           1. Students should plan on arriving by 7:45 a.m.
           2. Depending on the test taken and individual performance, testing should be complete no later than 11:45.
               However, students will be released upon test completion.
    2. No transportation will be provided.
    3. Students may register for up to two state End-of-Course exams.
           1. Students will take both Parts of the exam in one test session.

           2. Students can take any subject test on any day. 

    4. How to Register

    a. To register for OST retake testing and intervention session participation, please submit the Summer 2018 State Testing Registration form no later than June 22.

    5. Questions?

    a. Students and parents can access the Student Graduation Status tool on the Worthington portal to view and print a point-in-time accurate, user-friendly report of the student’s status regarding state graduation requirements.

    1. Click here to log into the Worthington School Portal, enter your student or parent login information, click on the Student Graduation Status icon.

    b. If you have questions regarding your graduation assessment requirements status, please contact:

    1. TWHS
      Emilie Greenwald, Assistant Principal, at
      Kathy Montag, Administrative Secretary, at
    2. WKHS
      Kevin Johnson, Assistant Principal, at
      Jennifer Dominach, Administrative Secretary, at
    3. Linworth Alternative Program
      Chris Hasebrook, Teacher-Director,
    4. Worthington Academy
      Adham Schirg, Principal,

    c.  If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Patty Coen at

    6. Test Prep Resources

    1. The Ohio's State Tests Support document has links to many resources that can help students prepare for testing.