Worthington students named NMS Semi-Finalists

  • Sounak Day Sounak Dey (TWHS)
    Sounak's favorite classes at TWHS were AP Computer Science and AP Chemistry. He says there are many teachers have all had a positive impact in my life because they  pushed   him  to do his best and fulfill his potential. He's still deciding on what college to attend but is considering Computer Science as a possible major. Sounak's dream  job   is to do   research, especially in computer science or cancer research.

  • Gene Kim Gene Kim (WKHS)
    Gene is involved in the Junior State of America Organization (JSA) where she is the Ohio River Valley Governor. She likes history, and listening to music while hanging with her friends. She credits her sixth grade teacher in Athens, Ohio with encouraging her to push herself further than she thought she could reach. She is interested in a pre-med or pre-law major and hopes to go to a school where she could try studying both. Her dream job would be one where she is challenged every day to help more and more people.

  • Casey Knuth Casey Knuth (WKHS)
    Casey loves science and especially chemistry. She is on student council and the principal's advisory council. When not in the classroom, she volunteers as a teacher at her church, and she plays volleyball, softball and bowls. She says Notre Dame and Vanderbilt are her two top school choices. Casey plans on majoring in biochemistry on a pre-med track. Her goal is to become a pediatrician.

  • Sam Laird Sam Laird (WKHS)
    Sam is definitely a man of many talents. His out of school hobbies include video games, trying & failing to learn Japanese, getting lost in the Wikipedia rabbit hole, computer programming, writing, and trying to pick up calligraphy. He is considering Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, but is far from any final decisions. He plans to major in computer science but has recently been toying with the idea of majoring in linguistics. He says he would probably like software or web development as a future career, although data science is also a strong contender, and computational linguistics might be fun. He says that, ultimately, it's all dependent on what he feels most interested in and best equipped to do after college.

  • Gordan Liu Gordan Liu (WKHS)
    Gordan is involved in Student Council and Junior State of America, where his "amazing mentor" JSA advisor Mr. Buck has taught him about how to be a professional. He says the clubs provide an opportunity for leadership and creativity. Outside of school, he enjoys tennis, art and cooking. In fact, he likes to create more projects like building a treehouse, sewing a costume, or learning Chinese. He's enjoyed IB classes at WKHS and is currently taking Crucial Conversations at Ohio State University. He says the class gives students helpful tools for having tough conversations and effectively resolving everyday conflicts. He says he's shooting for Harvard University where he attended a summer program and enjoyed it. He is considering a business major and art/design minor.

  • Mary Meineke Mary Meineke (WKHS)
    Mary is part of the school's FIRST Robotics team which may be why she enjoyes math and computer science. She also plays in the marching band. She says engineering teacher Mr. Karns has high standards which have motivated her to work hard and succeed in the class. She also credits Mrs. Stohs for helping her discover computer science. Mary is considering Notre Dame, but her college options remain open. She may pursue nursing or computer science.

  • Luke Van De weghe Luke Van de Weghe (WKHS)
    Luke likes science and math, but also enjoys reading and following the news. He credits Mrs. Stohs for helping him develop an interest in computer science and math. Although he hasn't committed, he's considering attending Ohio State University and majoring in computer science, actuarial science, or maybe a double major between the two. In the future, he'd like a job that allows him to continuously learn and refine his skills, possibly a software engineer.

  • Grace Wilcox Grace Wilcox (WKHS)
    Grace loves math and music. She enjoys band, marching band, choir and orchestra. She says Mr. Nathan has made a big impact in her music career by placing her in the wind symphony her freshman year and encouraging my passion for music. She'd like to attend Columbia or NYU and major in a math or science related field. She also wants to continue with her music and minor in performance on French horn. Grace can see herself with a job in the medical field or playing in a symphony.