A Warm Welcome At Sutter Park

  • Preschool is an important time for our youngest learners because it provides their initial exposure to school and sets the tone for their educational career. At Sutter Park Preschool, teachers and families go that extra mile to make sure that students feel supported each day they attend school.

    The school has a unique drop-off procedure where parents bring their children to the school and line up outside the main entrance, and teachers gather their students and await the arrival of the rest of their classes.

    “We love greeting them with a smile right when they come through the door,” said teacher Gracie Guagenti. “They’re excited at this age just to come to school and we love being able to see the excitement on their faces.”

    The transition from home/parent to school seems to be much easier with this method.

    “My daughter’s really shy and we’ve only had one incident where she has cried and been upset about leaving (me),” said parent Stephanie Brown. “For the most part she’s now recognizing (the teachers) every day and she goes into her routine. She goes in, holds their hand and gets to her teacher.”

    Teachers get a feel for how their students are doing each morning, including a quick visual exchange with the parents to see if anything needs to be addressed.

    “Greeting our kids at the front door really helps the social-emotional bond between us and the child, but also between us and the parent,” stated teacher Jessica Hartman. “The parent’s able to make a quick connect with us, but also give us a quick thumbs up or thumbs down about how their (morning) went or the night before.”

    While the drop off becomes a quick routine, without the need for the parent to walk through the school to his/her child’s classroom, the interaction is meaningful and lasting.

    “All the teachers are wonderful,” said parent Megan Nagle. “They memorize all the children by their faces, and the parents’ names and faces as well. They make it very comforting for you to drop off your kids. They’re very warm and welcoming

    “(The students) are so excited when they see their teachers and they love all their classmates. They just do a really good job with each individual student, here.”

    There is a uniqueness here that parents come to appreciate.

    “It is very special,” Nagle said. “They cater to everybody’s needs, here. They make sure that every child is well taken care of, for sure.”