• The WKHS sophomore class will be hosting this year’s Winter Formal on Saturday, February 9 from 8-11pm in the WKHS Commons. Starting with this dance, and continuing with our school sponsored dances in the future, all students who are bringing guests from outside WKHS will be required to have a completed WKHS Dance Guest Form on file prior to arriving to the dance. This form will need to be signed by the WKHS student’s parents/ guardians, as well as the guest’s parents/guardians, and an administrator at the guest’s school, and will need to returned to WKHS by the Thursday before the dance. Guests who do not have completed paperwork on file will not be permitted to attend a WKHS dance. This WKHS Guest Dance Form can be found in the Student Council office, the WKHS Cocurricular/ Athletic Office, and on our school website.

    WKHS Dance Guest Form